Chauffages électriques mobiles

Hotboy mobile electric heating is the quickest form of backup heating for innovative HVAC specialists who seek to impress their customers with the calibre of their service. During scheduled refurbishment of heating units and with emergencies over weekend periods.

The Hotboy mobile electric heating unit becomes your service-box-on-wheels in support of that. For replacement of boilers and for repair work that does not interrupt the supply of heating, all without elaborate and expensive stopgap measures. HOTBOY is also ideally suited for the drying of freshly laid screed. With mobile electric heating from Hotmobil, you can create added value for your company and gain extra time for the more important things. Use HOTBOY to reduce time pressure on building sites or during refurbishments, or use the unit for bridging purposes so that you can still accept assignments and carry them out at a later date. demand by adopting new working practices - and at the same time have discovered new opportunities for highlighting the outstandingly service-oriented qualities of your trades business.

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